Depression and Anxiety Support Group of DE and PA


Welcome to the Depression and Anxiety Website serving those of us who suffer, or who have loved ones who suffer* from depression and anxiety.

Located at the boarder of Delaware County, PA and Northern, DE (along the 202 corridor), I have started this website in the hopes to find others like myself, who are looking for support, compassion, and understanding.

I am doing this because as a fellow sufferer , I have been unable to find a support group dedicated to this affliction in our area.  My hope is to find others who are also suffering, in which to share experiences, advice, and support, as we deal with our depression and anxiety.

If you are interested in joining the Depression and Anxiety Support Group,  please contact me at (267) 404-3233* or at  However, if you would like to attend a meeting before speaking to me, you and your loved one’s are welcome with open arms.  I hope that together we can help each other with this often misunderstood and difficult affliction.

Thank you,


*Ages 18 years old and above

*This is a new phone number