Depression and Anxiety Support Group of DE and PA

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Welcome to the Depression and Anxiety Website serving those of us who suffer, or who have loved ones who suffer from the pain, exhaustion, fear, and loneliness, that only we can understand.

In a world  where the issues of mental health remain stigmatized, we strive to dispel the misunderstandings and to learn, support, and share our experiences with respect, dignity, and in full and total confidence.

Depression and anxiety are natural physiological experiences. They are real.  But in excess, they can conjure excessive worry, sadness, fear, confusion, and ultimately….hopelessness.  Left untreated or in an acute stage, they are capable of rendering we that are afflicted, to the point where we cannot even function.

The Depression and Anxiety Support Group of DE/PA focuses on issues for those of us that suffer from depression and anxiety.  We seek to provide open communication of shared experiences, a deeper understanding of what we are dealing with, and ways to manage our depression and anxiety.  We offer unconditional, non-judgemental support in a way that only other’s who suffer can provide.

We are also an “open” group and encourage anyone who is supporting a sufferer, to join our meetings with or without your loved one.  We offer a window into our worlds and hope to help educate and support you, as well.  We recognize that this is hard for you too.  You should know that although you may never be able to truly understand what your loved one is experiencing, that this is OK, but there are some definite ways you can support them, and receive support, thereby reducing your feelings of frustration and helplessness.

If you are interested in attending a meeting of the Depression and Anxiety Support Group of DE/PA, please contact us at (267) 404-3233 or at However, if you would like to attend a meeting before speaking with one of us first, you and your loved one’s are welcome with open arms.  We know that together, we can help each other with this often misunderstood and difficult affliction.

You Are Not Alone!!!