Meeting Locations/Fees

 Phone:    (267) 404-3233                            email:


D/A Support Group of DE/PA (Active)

Concordia Lutheran Church
3003 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19060

Every Friday night   7PM-9PM

D/A Support Group of Montco (Pending)


FEES:  There are NO FEES to participate in the D/A Support Group.  We feel it is imperative that this group be open to all who are seeking help and understanding, regardless of their financial means.  However, donations are appreciated if you so choose and/or are able.  These donations will be used to help the cost of operation for the Church and the support group.

*The Concordia Lutheran Church has graciously opened it’s doors to the D/A Support Group..  We thank Concordia Church for  their support, commitment to the community, and their support of outreach programs such as ours.